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Sanford Town Council Votes to Begin Clean-Up of Contaminated CGA Property
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On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, by a unanimous vote, the Sanford Town Council voted to approve Resolution 10-156.08,”to authorize the Town Manager to begin the clean-up of the CGA Property”.   A cost estimate for $25,700 was therefore approved, beginning the process of cleaning an abandoned property that has been deemed contaminated and on the Brownsfields registry for over 20-years.  

The initial clean-up will consist of removing an underground storage tank, demolishing and removing a burned mobile home, removing waste around the property, and securing the abandoned CGA building. 

As an initial step to eradicating the property of contaminants, this is an excellent good faith effort by the Town Council to work with the area residents and affirm their commitment to this project by using budgeted money from an account that is no longer necessary.

During a phone call with the Chairman of the Town Council, Joe Hanslip, long-time resident Dave Bernier thanked Mr. Hanslip for his help in approving the funds for the project and suggested placing a sign on the building to advertise, “Free 17-acre property in exchange for clean-up.”  Mr. Hanslip acknowledged that it was an idea with merit, one that may excuse the Town from having to expend taxpayer resources to remove the contaminants.  Finding a new owner will also allow the town to place the property back on the tax rolls.

As a next step which would account for the biggest visible improvement to the property, residents desire to see the building and its foundation demolished, a cost which is estimated at approximately $65,000.  The largest expense to the project is the excavation, transport and disposal of 6,800 tons of computer circuit boards, estimated to cost approximately $520,000.

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