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Willard School Students See Math in their Future

Sanford, Maine – On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011, Willard School in Sanford will welcome 30 members of the surrounding community to the school’s first annual Math Fair.  Each community member will be paired with a Willard educator and will share the various ways mathematics is used in their field on a daily basis. 
In an effort to engage students at the 4th - 6th grade school in their math education, Willard School has reached out to people in and around the Sanford community in the hope that students will see that math education has a real purpose.  Students sometimes ask “when am I ever going to need to use this?”  Willard teachers think members of the workforce will be able to help students realize the answer to that question.
 Workers represented at the math fair will include an engineer, a firefighter, a general contractor, a hotel owner, a pilot, a sports statistician, a computer programmer, a realtor, a civil engineer, nutritionist, and a weaver, among others.
Willard School recognizes that the members of the surrounding community are stakeholders in the education of Sanford’s children, and teachers are excited to provide students with an opportunity to look into their future – and see how math will likely be a part of it.
Barbara Noone, Sanford’s 2008 Teacher of the Year, teaches 6th grade in a single-gender class at Willard. “I hope my girls come back to class after hearing from different workers and see a real purpose for the work they are doing in math class.”
For more information, contact Kristi Cochin at Willard School by email at kcochin@sanford.org or Jen Daniels at Willard School by email at jdaniels@sanford.org; both can be reached by phone 324-8454.

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