Good Samaritans save turkey that almost bought the farm

LIMERICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While families across America will sit down to enjoy a turkey dinner with all the fixings this Thanksgiving, one lucky bird that nearly bought the farm in a car accident late last month has a new lease on life. 

Meg Lord was driving towards her home in Parsonsfield on Halloween when she saw a flock of turkeys scurry out of a field and onto a busy road.  A truck heading in the opposite direction tried to break before striking the birds, but could not avoid one of the juvenile turkeys.  

Lord stopped to see if she could help the bird, as did the driver of the truck.  They found the turkey in some tall grass and worked together to bundle it in a blanket.  She brought it to the Center For Wildlife in the hopes that they could save its life.

Helicopters helping string together Maine's largest construction project

ELIOT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the past four years, more than 2700 people have been hard at work replacing more than 400 miles of old power transmission lines as part of Central Maine Power Company's Maine Power Reliability Program.

"This is probably the largest project in the history of the state of Maine," stated Chris Marshall, a community relations manager for Burns & McDonald, which is helping oversee the project.  "We are about just over 70% complete, we still have another year left of construction to do."

While there are hundreds of people on the ground building new towers and replacing substations, much of the transmission line is being helped into place by helicopters high in the sky.

"He is definitely threading the needle," remarked Marshall.  "These guys have a lot of training and a lot of skill in what they do."