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Parents speak out after kids are allegedly threatened with gun

SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of parents are concerned after they claim their children had a gun pulled on them.

The person involved was indicted and charged, but they claim a plea deal is diminishing what really happened.

A parent of one of the children involved, Dianna Sawyer, said, "Sometimes with things that they think are not as big as they should be, they like to just plea bargain and get them out of the system. But this is huge for me. It is not OK to have a plea bargain in this situation."

According to court documents, back in August a group of 13 year old boys were walking through the parking lot of the former Man Cave barber shop in Sanford. One of the boys placed a cup on the hood of a parked car outside establishment. The owner, Jason Chase, came out and told them to remove it. The cup was removed and that is when one of the boys said to Chase "take a picture it will last longer." The court documents state that is when the boys ran off and claim Chase followed them in his car.

Sawyer said, "They heard a car screeching down, he got out of his car and pulled a gun on him and said 'Do you want to talk crap? Welcome to the real world.'"

Sawyer explained she thought her son and the others were leaving a part of the story out, "That is what I thought and I even asked him more than once. The police even asked him more than once, but all the boys had the same story."

After a police investigation, Chase was found in violation of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, a felony. In November, a grand jury indicted him on the charge.

According to Sawyer, however, when Chase went to court she and the other parents were told they did not need to to go because nothing would likely happen.
But she claims something did and alleges Chase was offered a deal.

"He pulled a gun on four teenage boys who were unarmed and left the scene. He followed them, chased them down. There was no imminent threat and he pulled a gun on them. Anything could have happened," said Sawyer.

In those court documents Chase admitted to bringing the gun along to confront the boys, but that it wasn't loaded. His attorney did not want to comment until the situation was resolved.

At least two of the parents plan on speaking during the court date scheduled for December.


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